It is difficult to find the right diet plans for weight loss, as there are so many of them around these days. In fact I would say the count would be in the thousands. We have all at some point tried one diet or another, and yet they never seem to work. However, I do not think this is actually the diets fault. When we are on a diet do we eat exactly what it says, do we exercise more? The answer is probably no to at least one of those questions so no wonder we fail.

There is recent research to suggest that diet plans for weight loss are all you need to lose weight, and not an actual diet. So instead of sticking to a strict regime, implement the following diet plans for weight loss tips:

• You do not have to suddenly change everything you are eating. Decide a couple of things to change each week. So week one you may only have beef once a week with all the fat cut-off, and have fish twice a week. The following week switch the cooking oil to olive oil which is good for you, and change to low fat cheese. Doing it this way allows you to adjust easier.

• Cut down on your portion sizes by about 10% each month. You can fill up with water, and wholegrain bread.

• Eat popcorn. Ask much as you like. Yes you read that right, as much as you like. However, you need to use a hot air cooker, and just plain popcorn, do not add anything. This is great for snacking on.

• Stop eating deep fried food, it really is not good for you, and is dangerous for people susceptible to things like heart disease and strokes.

• Eat 5 a day. That is fruit or veg. Now a lot of people think you need to eat 5 apples, or something like that. Here is the easy solution. Buy a blender, throw in 5 pieces of fruit or veg, and make a smoothie. That way you get all the minerals, vitamins and fiber you need in one drink.

• Buy slimming tea and coffee, and have that with your breakfast.

• Stop drinking all fizzy drinks. Even if it is a diet drink, it is bad for you.

• Do not add sugar to drinks like tea or coffee. You can wean yourself off it over a couple of months. If you really can’t drink unsweetened beverages, then use a little honey, do not use the chemical sweeteners.

• Take a dietary supplement. There are plenty around, so read up all the reviews on them, and ask on forums. Then once you have picked one, buy it from a good store to ensure quality.

• Do some exercise. Walking is good enough, but it must be done for 15 to 30 minutes every day, without stopping, and at a faster pace than normal.

Trying to lose weight does not have to be a nightmare, if you do it right then you can actually enjoy it, and that makes weight loss so much easier.